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Chael Sonnen Ultimate Challenge

UFC 136, I believe featured the best fight card match ups of the year.  With Jose Aldo defeating Kenny Florian and Frankie Edgars finally solving the Gray Maynard problem the third time around to retain his belt.  Perhaps the biggest and most impressive performance of the night was the return of Chael Sonnen.  After returning to the octagon after serving a suspension on failing drug test, Sonnen dominated the former Marine Brian Stann in Houston.  With a second round submission via a triangle armbar, Sonnen in true raw form wasn't satified with his win and followed it up his impromptu post fight comments and challenge to UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. 

“In some parallel universe, you can hit a man 300 times and he wraps his legs around your head for eight seconds and they call him the winner. On the streets of West Linn, Oregon, those are not the rules. I am the middleweight champion. I defended my championship tonight for the first time and I am willing to give Anderson a shot at the true belt, the linear belt, the people’s belt, from the best damn middleweight there’s ever been.”

So let's hope Dana White can get a deal done for Sonnen's "loser goes home" rematch against Anderson Silva.  So, we can all witness another awesome fight between two of MMA's best middleweight fighters.
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Garrett Wonder Boys

2010 started with promise (Super Bowl bound Boys)but finally marked the end of Wade Phillips and ushered in the dawn of the "Boy Wonder" Jason Garrett.  A frustrating and forgettable season full of underperformance and worst of all Tony Romo injury did take a turn for the better with last Sunday's win against divisional foe the New York Football Giants.  Garrett looked like a genius (thanks to Jimmy Johnson advice) notching his first win as head coach.  Jon Kitna looked good throwing for over 300 yards and a couple of scores to Miles Austin and rookie sensation Dez Bryant.  Bryant has been a very bright spot for the Boys in the punt return game and 2nd receiver position, earning with each play the answer to the reason that Jerry Jones picked him number 1.  I looking forward to the Boys finishing strong although Detriot Lions Defensive line can causse trouble.  Kitna going to need to utilize all his weapons; Felix Jones in the passing game Austin, Bryant, Roy L. Williams and Jason Witten.  As the Cowboys face a short week facing the Detriot Lions and New Orlean Saints.  Can the Garrett Wonder Boys finish strong in November?     

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Houston, we have some Problems!

2010 the Astros are 0-7 and still face the same problems they did a year ago.  lf 2009 wasn't sobering enough, the acquitions of Brett Myers and Pedro Feliz has done nothing to change the Stros past problems.   New manager Brad Mills has tried to handle a poorly staffed starting and relief pitching rotation which has been unsuccessful against the Giants, Phillies and Cardinals.  With Lance Berkman’s recovering from a knee injury and Carlos Lee current hitting slump lhits and run prodution has been non existent leaving the team searching for Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence or someone to fill the void to help our struggling pitching staff.  Although there is still a long season ahead the big questions still circling this ball club are how long will it take for the pitching, hitting and run production problems to be solved and get a win!. 

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Couture Naturally Good

Randy Couture sets the record as the oldest fighter to win inside the Octagon at "46 years young" in UFC 109.  In a much anticipated fight between two legends of UFC, Couture's choked out the Mark "Hammer" Coleman "Godfather of Ground and Pound" to put to rest for now that Randy will fade away into UFC's shadows any time soon.  Couture gets top peak performance out of his body by watching his diet and proper conditioning which allows him to continue his commendable run in the Octagon.  With Machida and Rua II set for May, Evans and Rampage fight undecided maybe he'll get another rematch with Chuck Liddell or Tito Ortiz fight; we can only wait and see what interesting fights Dana White and the UFC suits will make for The Natural.   
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Return of the Cowboys

December 2009 ushered in a huge test for the Dallas Cowboys who began the month by losing to the New York Giants and San Diego Chargers.  However defeating the New Orlean Saints, taking down Division rivals Washington Redskins 17-0 and Philadelphia Eagles 24-0and posting the teams first back-to-back shutout wins in franchise history.  The Boys claimed the 3rd spot in the playoffs and quickly has gained attention as the league's hottest teams.  Holding a two game win streak this season over the Eagles the Boy's hosted the Eagles who were 7-0 in the post season.  After 13 losing seasons without a playoff win a decisive win over Philadelphia again 34-14 at home in front of over 94,000 fans at Cowboy Stadium thrust the Boys into the limelight as a "true" playoff contender.  Tony Romo and Wade Phillips made huge steps with the Cowboy's playoff win of fighting off post season criticism.  Owner Jerry Jones has seemed to have made all the right moves in the off season, Wade Phillips proves he is more than a defensive coach and Tony Romo is proving he can win big games  Playoff contention continues this Sunday when the Cowboys faceoff against Brett Farve and Minnesota Vikings (Team Farve of Minnesota) to continue a 2009-2010 season to remember.
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December Boys

For atleast four years the Dallas Cowboys have seem to have gone into hibernation after December.  A 31 to 24 loss to the New York Giants will be recorded as adding more fuel to the the already woeful football fire of the 21st century Cowboys.  Even in 2005 when the Cowboys had Bill Parcells as their coach the couldn't avoid their problems of winning after December.  In 2005 the Cowboys were 2-2 in December and ended the year in January with a loss to St. Louis Rams and finished 9-7 overall no playoff berth.  In 2006 under the Big Tuna the Cowboys signed Terrell Owens and issued in the era of Tony Romo to finish the season 9-7.  Their record in December however 2-3 with losses to the New Orlean Saints, Philadelphia Eagles and Detriot Lions (also our Boys went on to lose the Wild Card to Seattle 21-20 in Romo-Gate).  In 2007, Wade Phillips took over for the Tuna and went 13 and 3 winning the NFC East and clinching home field throughout the playoffs.  However after going 11-1 through November in 2007 suffered two bitter losses to Philly and Washington finishing December with a 2-2 record and a heartbreaking home playoff loss to New York Giants 21-17.  In 2008, one of the most controversial season to date the Cowboys finished 9-7 despite a Tony Romo finger injury, Pac Man Jones and wild locker room disfunction.  2008 December not even a New York Giant victory could ease the 1-3 month a loss to the Steelers, unceremonious Raven's loss to close out Texas Stadium and old fashion beatdown by Philly.

So December 2009 ushers in another test for the Boys who must now after losing to the Giants must face the 9-3 San Diego Chargers, 12-0 New Orlean Saints, Division nemesis Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles.  One can only hope the Cowboys overcome their self destructive collapses after December and "be" the better team we believe they can be.
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Tony Romo The Leader of The Cowboys

Jerry Jones issued a statement stating that Dallas Cowboy quaterback Tony Romo is the leader of the Cowboys.  The reluctant leader faces a locker room without Terrell Owens (leading receiver), Adam Jones, Chris Canty, Roy L. Williams, Anthony Henry and Tank Johnson.  And although his first full season as the Cowboys QB he went 13 and 3, 2008 was sprinkled with setbacks which included a 9 and 7 season and broken pinky finger/cracked ribs.  Jason Garrett pass happy offense will obviously look alot different from last year as the Cowboys will try to utilize a three back system to help protect Romo's arm.  They will also attempt to feel out new lead receiver Roy E. Williams, Sam Hurd, Patrick Crayton and tight end Jason Witten, his roommate (who will be relied on more than in the past) to help the Cowboys stretch the field.  But the question still remains with all the apparent locker room distractors removed, not including his celebrity lifestyle and connection to Jessica Simpson how will Romo adjust.  This looks to be a make it or break year with the Cowboys who have Romo entering year two of a six year contract.  So, will Jerry Jones keep Tony Romo keep his high profile Cowboy's Qb and leader past 2009 or will he shakeup the locker room like he did this year releasing Terrell Owens and others in attempt to clear the Dallas Cowboy air in wake of a playoff berth and elusive Super Bowl appearance.


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Tony Romo and Jay Cutler scenario

Tony Romo is the Dallas Cowboy starting QB for 2 and half years and Jay Cutler has been the starting Denver Bronco Qb for two years.  Romo is a two time Pro Bowler with 10562 passing yards (3448 yds in 2008).  Cutler is a Pro Bowler and has thrown for 9024 yards(4526 yds in 2008).  Cutler wants out of Denver due to loyalty issues with new coach Josh McDaniels and he has refused to show up for training camp.  Romo has seen Jerry Jones shake up team including the Boys release of assistant coaches, Terrell Owens and the Bills pick him up on a one year contract and release of Roy L. Williams. 

The scenario for both QB is that they must try to reinvent themselves based on the recent moves by their teams.  Romo must try to find life after T.O. much like Jeff Garcia and Donovon McNabb have done.  Cutler if the Broncos don't come to a resolution will have to find a new home and reinvent himself with a new team.  The Romo/Cutler scenario of two talented QBs is one that wil be played out on the field and the success or failure of both QBs rest with their arm and teams.


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